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The Evening Show With NSK Episode 38


Recorded February 27th, 2014.


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The guys discuss releases by Tokyo Girls’ Style, notall, Nogizaka46,, and Kobushi Factory name announcement.

Submit your “Sansei or Not Sansei” statements or “Ask NSK” questions to Submissions will close Thursday nights so it gives us at least a day to think about the answer.

Dave unboxes AKB48 Group Official Calendar 2015

We’re over 2 months into 2015, so let’s talk about AKB48’s group calendar! It’s another 6 page (7 including the cover) A3 size poster-style calendar. It comes with 3 bonus photos, an A4 size clear file, a small pad of sticky notes, and a fold-out poster. I got mine for 2500 yen at Amazon Japan.

Monthly Idol Music and PV Mega Review January 2015

ebichu music monthHey, Mechku here, bringing you this huge review of this month’s idol singles and albums that I’ve listened to. I review almost everything released and I hope this review can help people find good idol music and/or aid them in figuring out a top ten list when we reach the end of the year. If I don’t cover something and you want to see it, I’ll add it to next month’s post. I am going my-pace with this so enjoy! Read More »