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DLJ’s Idol Talk – With The Spunky One


Recorded September 20th, 2016 This week’s guest: Zac DLJ sits down with one of the only foreigners to completely infiltrate the Japanese Idol fandom to discuss the top otaku position, supporting your idol daily, birthday committees, and other nuances of living in Japan. [download] (Right-Click to Save) Theme Created by: …

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Episode Recap: AKBINGO Ep 408 (09.27.16)


AKBINGO! Air Date: 9/27/2016 Rating 9/10 Second half of the ultimate idol battle between Yukirin and Mayuyu. If you haven’t yet, watch both last week’s and today’s episodes. It’s really good. Next is another regular variety show competition. Breath Sumo battle between Sakaguchi Nagisa and Mukaichi Mion. They will try …

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Short Notice: Pen Pineapple Apple Pen (PPAP)


Suddenly the internet was hit with the PPAP phenomenon. DLJ and Melody sit down to talk Pen Pineapple Apple Pen, it’s creator Kosaka Daimaou, and relation to the idol industry. [download] 日頃からお世話になっている #古坂大魔王 さんイチオシのシンガーソングライター #ピコ太郎 さんの #ペンパイナッポーアッポーペン やってみました。#Chubbiness #チャビネス #PPAP @kosaka_daimaou — Chubbiness (@Chubbinessstaff) September 18, 2016 Dancing Fool …

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Episode Recap: Odekake Ep 184 (09.22.16)


HKT48のおでかけ! Air Date: 9/22/2016 Rating 6/10 The HKT48 members are walking around Fukuoka. Nothing special, really. But it wasn’t boring either. At the end Madoka showed her piano skills. And MVP is Hana-chan, simply because she was there.

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NSK’s PV Power Hour 09/17/2016


Tonight we talk about Wa-Suta, BiSH, Death Rabbits and more! Recorded September 17th, 2016. Ending theme song: “Dave Drops The Bass” by Chase Lim AKA 13thBeat [download] Charlie Cowdin’s twitter- @drako60 Chase Lim’s twitter – @starlancerpg Dae Lee’s Twitter – @newschooldae Yoshi Hagiwara’s Twitter –  @feelsyoshiman New School Kaidan Twitter …

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Episode Recap: AKBINGO Ep 407 (09.20.16)


AKBINGO! Air Date: 9/20/2016 Rating 8/10 Let the ultimate best idol battle begin! Kashiwagi Yuki vs Watanabe Mayu. AKB members have a really fun debate about who is the best. Yukirin and Mayuyu are coming in style, each in a big throne, carried by their devoted fans. And the end, …

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Episode Recap: Daily Alice Ep 1325


On today’s episode, Kubota Misa finally cleans her damn room. Among the Alice Project faithful it’s pretty common knowledge that Kubota Misa is a filthy idol. It’s ungodly how bad her room has gotten. I’m honestly surprised she doesn’t smell at the lives. So what kind of horror’s will we …

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