You Guys Deserve a Thank You


Hi, I’m David Liao, Jr. I worked on the Fan Version of the KFC PV. A little
over a week ago our video was picked up by the AKB YouTube Channel.
Now today we’ve hit a million views. Never did I think that something I
was personally involved with would end up being seen by so many people.

So I wanted to take the time to say thank you to the people involved.

I’d like to start off by saying that I’m fully aware that the reason the PV even
had a chance to reaching this point is because of AKS. They are a media powerhouse
and they really know how to promote. No matter how you might feel about them
personally, I was really honored that they even considered putting the video on
the Official Channel and I feel very fortunate to have them support the fan project
by pushing it out to Japanese Media. So thank you to them.

But more importantly thank you to everyone who participated. For those who
submitted videos, thank you for putting yourself out there. The internet can be
a cold harsh place so to be at the risk of being judged, I really appreciate you guys
for overcoming that.

I had a lot of fears that this video wouldn’t turn out well or that there
wouldn’t be enough submissions. But in the end y’all videos were fantastic
and I am proud to say that every video submitted was used.

To those who weren’t able to make it into the video, either by choice or not
knowing about it. I’m really appreciative to those who spread the word about
the project or shared the video with others. As you guys know there’s a lot of
stand-offishness within the Idol fandom, both occurring between different
fandoms and even within the same fandom. I really felt the support from other
sites promoting the video and I was overwhelmed by people’s willingness to be
happy for us. That’s something I hope to be able return one day, but I’ll explain
that more in detail in the future.

I would like to make one point and that is, I believe the success of this video was
only possible through collaboration and by fans working together. If you take any
one video on it’s own, individually they’re not as interesting. But seeing everyone
together, the different faces, countries, sexes, and even fandoms. That will be what
I take the most enjoyment and pride from this project. That the fandom was properly
represented and not reported on negatively as often is by sensationalist media and
people unfamiliar with the Idol genre. So thank you for helping me with that.

I don’t know if this will or even can lead to more promotion in the future, but I will sure
hope it will. Thank you everyone for giving me that hope. I’ll leave you with the same
final words in my email to AKS.

“I am really appreciative that the video turned out well. The video relied on fan
participation and for fans to send in their videos. So I can say that the quality of
the video is because There are quality fans in the world.”

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