Yoshi’s Monthly Highlights: January 2016

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Welcome to my new feature where I highlight idol releases that I enjoyed in a given month because why highlight stuff you don’t like, right? In this feature, what I talk about doesn’t have to be a single. It can be an a-side, b-side, album song, etc. I could even highlight it based solely on the PV’s entertainment value. In this edition, I highlight the releases of January 2016. Props to Jaru for the artwork!

Sanmini – BOUNCE!!

This song is the epitome of what I believe to be the correct use of auto-tune used as an effect rather than pitch correction. Everything in this song makes sense. The distorted guitar work blends well with the electro aspects of the song and provides a little bit of edge. The instrumentals are excellent at setting the mood but not overpowering. Whoever produces the music for Cheeky Parade should try to do something like this. The instrumentals aren’t in your face but still provide ample amounts of hype to support the energy in the vocals.

Yumemiru Adolescence – My Gene!

Yumeado’s “My Gene!” was an instant hook song for me. It’s one of those songs that grabbed me from the first listen. It’s all pretty much from the vocal melodies. The instrumentals aren’t anything to write home about but I can’t help but hum the melodies for the entire song. It might be one of those songs that if you don’t like it from the first listen, you won’t like it. Forget what I just said. Give this song a chance. I think it’s bumpin’. Think of it as a good karaoke song. I think this song has a similar feel to Golden Bomber.

LADYBABY – Age Age Money

I guess I have some sort of soft spot for LADYBABY. I get that people might be overhyping them for being novel but I think their releases have been solid. “Nippon Manjuu” was one of my favorite songs of last year and they’re off to a great start in 2016 with, “Age Age Money”. This song didn’t steer away from their sound to do something different. I think the producer knows what he wants the group to sound like and is doing a good job in executing it. If you enjoyed “Nippon Manjuu”, you will probably enjoy “Age Age Money”. Keep an eye out on their next single due to be released in April.

Mousou Calibration – Omotenadeshiko Denshouchuu

I’m gonna be honest. Mousou Calibration isn’t a group I’ve been following but after seeing this release, that will most likely change. It’s a cute, catchy, energetic song that has a pretty good hook. The PV is super colorful with nice CG work. Fun song and fun PV!


So, BiSH was sort of not on my radar while I followed BiS somewhat closely before. It had to do with not being totally impressed by, “OTNK” or their album, “Brand-new idol SHiT”. There is a song did instantly hook from the first listen on the album. That song is, “MONSTERS”. They re-released this song on their second album, “FAKE METAL JACKET”. Which is why this PV exists. What made this song standout from others is Aina The End’s vocals. She sings most of this song and does a hell of a job with it. Aina has a very powerful and distinct voice. Her vocal work here is one of the most impressive I’ve heard in awhile.

drill final

The PV is very BiSH. For some reason, the members are in some sort of camp where they are being yelled at by a drill sergeant and is running through a quarry while explosions surround their every move.

tiny final

This drill sergeant is the best use of a non-Japanese actor since AKB48 Team B’s “Tiny T-Shirt” PV guy.

fight final

Look at this drill sergeant fake hammer away at the members. Oh, I’m sorry, did I TRIGGER you?

Watch the full PV that is linked to find out what happens to the members after they make it through the explosions. I wish this song was a single because it would be very high up on my end of the year list for singles if it was. The PV is good dumb fun.

That is it for my highlights for January 2016. I won’t be diving too deep into discussing each release because it would turn into a full on review at that point so I will keep it short and simple so I can quickly give props to multiple releases. Hope you enjoyed it!

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