Yoshi’s Monthly Highlights: February 2016

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We’re back with another monthly highlights of idol PVs and songs. I also did one of these for January.

Niji no Conquistador – Senjou no Saint Valentine

Funky attitude songs are totally up my alley. I totally forgot about Nijicon until this came out. Their song, “Pixiv Ondo” is an INCREDIBLE song that everyone needs to hear at least once to see if they enjoy it. I just love the sassy attitude displayed by the members visually and in the vocals. You can definitely hear the ‘tude in their voice and it helps that the song is super catchy as well.

The PV is very entertaining and super dumb, if you’re into that sort of thing. I quite enjoy dumb stuff like having gun/medieval weapon battles on a school campus. The members act super serious and are fighting to give chocolates to the boy they are in love with and fight against their rival. It isn’t a super deep concept but the execution is hilarious and I love every minute of it.


PASSPO – Mr.Wednesday

PASSPO was at one point my favorite idol groups. They haven’t been that so much recently. Their releases started to feel lacking in the past 2-3 years. “Mr.Wednesday” does not do anything new. It is a PASSPO ass PASSPO song. You know, the typical girl power idol rock sound that they are known for. This song reminds me of the songs off of their album “Check-In”, which happens to be one my favorite idol albums. The album is great from start to finish and I can absolutely see “Mr.Wednesday” being a part of that album.

PLC – The World is Elegant

Who is PLC? Pearl Lady Club, duh. HAVE YOU BEEN LIVING UNDER A ROCK!? Let’s get serious. This group promotes sweets for an actual chain store for tapioca and crepe foods. I’m not kidding, that’s what it says on their website.

Now that we got that intro out of the way lets talk about, “The World is Elegant”. In a world full of war, terrorism, corruption and disturbing crimes, this song is quite inaccurate in describing the world because lets face it, this world is pretty awful.

The song feels very low-budget and unrefined but something about it is charming. I only understood the charm after several listens. After the first listen, I wrote the song off and wasn’t impressed. Now, I’m totally captivated by this song for some reason. There’s just something about this song that grabbed me. I won’t expect anyone to understand because my positive thoughts about this song are quite inexplicable.

The only thing that can make sense of my thoughts on this song is the quote from the song. Please take a look.


“An important element that makes up this world is elegance. Jealousy has been causing fights to break out but I am not afraid anymore. I am going to be proud of myself being elegant and make the future bright without any tears.”

So, just keep those words in mind and “crap your hands!”.

NAOMiRUSTY – La Nina Yoru

Do you like 80’s pop? If you answered no, skip to the next release. Congratulations for having good taste and staying to read the rest of what I was going to say about this release. Just kidding, calm down. This NAOMiRUSTY release is a faithful recreation of 80’s J-pop. Some 80’s artist could have released this song in the 80’s and I wouldn’t have noticed a difference. That’s how accurate the sound is. Although the vocal work is not top notch, the hook and the faithful recreation carries the song.

Party Rockets GT – Nijiiro Jet

Party Rockets is back with a name change. It follows in the Dragon Ball naming lineage. Momoclo added a “Z” and Party Rockets added a “GT”.

The song starts off with some slick guitar work reminiscent of bands like Van Halen. What you eventually get is a typical idol rock song with a really good hook which is all I can ask for after my hopes of the first edition of Party Rockets were destroyed by member departures and questionable releases.

Kobushi Factory – Chotto Guchokuni! Chottotsu Moushin/Osu! Kobushi Damashii

My thoughts on this Kobushi Factory release is in this article I wrote. TL;DR, this release is good.

Momoiro Clover Z – Mahorovacation/We Are Born

Momoclo is back with a vengeance. They’ve been waiting around and hanging out in the back of my mind. I was a little hesitant about them releasing two albums at once but they did not disappoint. You can hear my impression of the album on the Short Notice podcast I did with Dae. Dae also did an unboxing of the albums. Mahorovacation MIGHT be my favorite song so far this year by any artist. I love this song for the amazing funky work of the bass and drums. The PV is incredibly dumb in classic Momoclo fashion and visually interesting. While Mahorovacation was a funktastic, “We Are Born” is the classic Momoclo power song with incredible piano work with a punch.

GEM – Fine! ~fly for the future~

GEM is back with another GEM ass GEM song. The amount GEM in this song is off of the GEM scale. I think the producer of GEM has figured out what direction they want to take GEM. It’s a mix of “Baby, love me” and “Do You Believe”. GEM’s discography isn’t pages long like some idol groups that have been around for awhile so now is absolutely the right time to check them out.

Godspeed, Takeda Maaya.

Overall, February was a great month. Filled with come backs, nostalgia trips and new discoveries. It’s a great time to be an idol fan. See you next month.

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