i don’t badmouth other idol groups but i do give my critical opinion, and they’re usually on a specific aspect (costumes, dance, music video, etc) than the group as a whole.  disliking one or two aspects of an idol group is no reason to dismiss it; that’s how false judgment calls are made, and it breeds ignorance.  it’s easy to criticize, but it’s that not hard to see things with an open mind either.

in an effort to broaden my idol-scope, i’ve decided to look to japan’s next-door neighbor and see what they have.

if i’m going to start, might as well start big; so i’m starting with the biggest.

SNSD/So Nyuh Shi De/ Girl’s Generation

korean pop slipped away from me when they started focusing less on energetic and cute pop songs for a more mainstream, (seemingly)mature dance music.  i still prefer less cynicism in my idol music, but there’s got to be something to these girls…right?  though most of their lyrics seem to come from a love-jaded point of view, they still have an energy about them that keeps the music afloat.

until a short while ago, i didn’t even know girl’s generation and SNSD were the same thing.  i know absolutely nothing about them other than they have some kickin’ legs.

formed in 2007, i don’t think there’s too much legwork(HAWHAW) i have to do to catch up.  but i have a lot of research to do, and videos to watch.

i may already have a few favorites: tiffany, yoona, sunny, and yoori.

i think i’ll look into KARA as well.

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