What Do I Know?

It was a topic on this weeks show as well as Dae’s most recent post.

Beginner. How will it do?

I expressed opinions that it wouldn’t do so well. Or at least not well as the last two singles did. But honestly, what do I know?

Dae credited me as being an experienced Idol follower of many years and a variety of groups. But what does that even mean? Does it mean that I’m better at judging trends in the music and idol industries? Does it mean I’ll know what will become popular? Does it even mean that I have a knack for picking members who will succeed?

As much as experience helps, in certain situations such as the case of Beginner, I think if anything it clouds my judgment. Deep down, I’m just a fan. That’s it. I like what I like and I have my preferences. If there is one constant in my opinions, it’s that I’ve always gone against the norm. I’ve specifically avoided the popular choice for fear of being lumped in with the majority.

Something that AKB has taught me is that they are a completely different type of idol group. They are so different that I don’t think they can be considered in that genre anymore. In spirit and from their beginnings maybe that’s what they were. But now, they’ve created something new that I still can’t come up with a name for.

In the end I wonder if some of my doubts about Beginner come from my pessimism and worries about failure. I wonder to myself how it’s beneficial to feel this way about a new release. I definitely don’t want Beginner to fail. Even if I’m right about the music and trends, that would be going against supporting one of my favorite groups.


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