WagakkiBand at Anime Expo 2015

Anime Expo 2015 Wagakkiband

WagakkiBand performed for a sold out Club Nokia in their US concert debut as a headlining act for Anime Expo 2015, and brought their unique fusion of shigin, traditional Japanese instrumentation and modern hard rock, to 2,300 people that day.

Following the popular Vocaloid IA, who was also debuting for the first time in the US, WagakkiBand strode onto the stage to deafening cheers and lumen sticks raised high in the air.

Opening with the song that propelled them to stardom, ‘Senbonzakura’, they launched into their setlist. WagakkiBand delivered a stunningly intense and powerful live show, with a commanding stage presence and power many other bands would envy. Musically flawless, every musician on stage gave it their all for every song, playing such hits from their studio album such as ‘Iroha Uta’ and ‘Kagerou Days’, and more recent singles like ‘ikusa’ and ‘Hanabi.’

Anime Expo 2015 Wagakkiband

In comparison to the studio versions of the songs performed, the live versions really brought the songs to life, with WagakkiBand injecting their unique charisma into each performance. Kurona on the wadaiko drums deserves a special mention, as he was an integral part of leading the crowd in chants and interacted with the crowd as much as possible especially during the fiery double drum solo, exuding enough enthusiasm for the entire crowd.

As the show closed out, WagakkiBand proclaimed their love for the US, and expressed their desire to return for a full American tour soon. The cheers they walked off stage to left no doubt in anyone’s mind that they would be warmly received when they return in the near future.

Find out more at the WagakkiBand official website.

Photo credit: Chase Lim and Kenneth Uy.

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