Underappreciated Idol Power Rankings May 2015


It’s another month and another ranking, and just when you think you have to dig deep, it turns out you might be missing the forest for the trees. So let’s check out what rocked this month in the world of idols.

Tokyo Rocketstokyo-rockets-logoI really debated putting Tokyo Rockets on top with a debut single, but they really hit it right where they needed to. "Shunkan Shoujo Houkai" is a solid rock song, I would call it metal if they didn't lighten up the instrumentals once the girls start singing. Really there is nothing more I can say, the song speaks for itself.
LinQlinq-logoLinQ's latest addition "HareHare ☆ Parade" reminds me something you could hear at a street party, which fits with the parade theme. The song is very poppy and max energy throughout, once it starts it doesn't stop. I could rank this lower and blame it on the rather lackluster dancing in the PV but I try to keep this based solely on the song, and as long as you don't get tired just listening to it then it is a really good song.
La PomPonla-pompon-logoLa PomPon is a group I just found out about while researching for the ranking, the name apparently means "Power of Music" and "Pride of New Generation". So more new faces to learn and maybe love. Their second single "HOT GIRLS" gives me K-Pop vibes during the harmonies and chorus, while still somehow keeping that distinct idol/J-Pop feel throughout. I'm not even going to start on the lyrics or theme of the song other than to say there is a lot of questionable English if the theme is supposed to be girl power.

On the other hand, the coupling song for type A and B "Koi wa Zu-ku☆Dance" has a South American or island flare to it. I don't know if they plan on continuing with the fusion theme for their music but as long as it's well done I'm all for it. These are songs I can fully get behind.
Moso Calibrationmoso-calibration-logoMoso Calibration's seventh single "Mahou no Juice" is a synth-electro hyper song combined with anime vocals. It also has what feels like a dark gothic undertone to it, which gives it a bit of a harder edge at times. Personally the song is a bit busier than I would normally like. I'm not sure what to say about this, just give it a listen and tell me what you think.
PREDIANNApredianna-logoI have to agree with Dave when he said that PREDIANNA reminds him of Tokyo Girls Style, the girls have a talent or skill that belies there age. PREDIANNA is the sister group of DIANNA☆SWEET and this is their debut single "TRAP".

"TRAP" is a synth dance song with heavy auto-tune vocals, and I really hope it's not the auto-tune that makes the girls sound more mature than they are. I choose to believe it's not, and that this group has a long future ahead. If you liked DIANNA☆SWEET and Tokyo Girls Style's early songs, then give PREDIANNA a chance and have a listen to them.

If you want to see what else was released this month check out This Week in Music, and let us know who you would have ranked instead.

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