Underappreciated Idol Power Rankings March 2015


February is here and the year is starting to take shape, so far it’s looking pretty good though it’s certainly not without its trouble spots. This month we see the release of mostly albums, with a few singles mixed in. Let’s take a look at what we have.

Bitter & Sweetbitter&sweetlogoFirst up we have "Renai Wars / Koi Gokoro", I have been a big fan of Bitter & Sweet since I first heard them, and they have yet to disappoint. "Renai Wars" is just that, it's about two women fighting over one guy. With the lyrics being a back and forth about what the women will do and how the guy will react.

Thankfully it's a pretty playful song rather than being scornful. The instrumentals are uptempo and rather happy in their feel. "Koi Gokoro" on the other hand is much softer, with an almost melancholy feel to the song, it's a good counter to "Renai Wars".
Super☆GirlssupergirlslogoSuper Girls newest single "Gira Gira Revolution" is a strong start to the year and their first single in the last couple that has caught my attention. It's a pretty typical upbeat song with that brass section every so often. Not much for solo lines in this, seeming to be at least 3 members most of the time, but this works in Super Girls' favor I think.
Muto AyamimutoayamilogoThis is the first time I've included an album on the ranking and it's well worth the wait. Muto Ayami's newest album "I-Pop" in a lot of ways feels like a throw back to the 80s solo idols but with a very modern update to the image.

The first track "Parallel World" has one of the simplest PVs but for some reason I find it very interesting to watch. The song itself is a typical electro-pop song but the beat and melodies flow so well that it is a pleasure to listen to.

The second track "Daydreamin'" is an odd track that I'm not sure how to describe, it's somewhere between chanting and rapping. I'm just not sure of the term to describe it but it's the only song like it on the album and is a departure from the rest of the album.

The rest of the album feels like updated 80s idol music. If you are one who likes classic idols and want to see what it would be like if it was modernized then check out "I-Pop"
Chu-Zchu-zlogoChu-Z's latest single "Hana no Arch / Brand Boy" features two very different songs, which I personally can't say I'm all that hot on. "Hana no Arch" is a pretty typical traditional idol song with above average vocals but there is nothing really there to catch me and make me want to listen to it.

"Brand Boy" on the other hand is anything but traditional, it has a sultry jazzy sound to it, and then they ruin it with rapping. For me the rapping just doesn't work in this, if they had kept the same style throughout the song it would have been much better. Both songs are well done and other than the bit of rapping, they are alright songs.
Mirai SkirtmiraiskirtlogoMirai Skirt's single "Namonai Oto" is an uptempo synth driven song that hits all the right notes. They kind of remind me of Ryuist for some reason, it might just be the look of the girls. This is a fairly new group so if you like the sounds of this definitely keep an eye out for more.

This month had an abundance of albums which I wasn’t album to get a hold of, and a few singles, and of those few most were lacking. However the year is just starting and it’s certainly looking like it could turn out to be a good one. Check out “This Week in Music” for more releases this month and let us know who you think are under appreciated.

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