Underappreciated Idol Power Rankings February 2015


So starting off a new year of power rankings, and it’s a slow start to the year, with maybe only a dozen releases if that. If I’m completely honest most of it hasn’t left me wanting to revisit it on first listen, but let us see what we can find.

Q'ullequllelogoAfter listening to the rest of the releases this month, Q'ulle with their debut single "Mic Check One Two" is the one song with a hook that catches me right off and makes me want to come back for more. The former Danceroid members check the mic with an electro rock song with the apparently required dubstep drop that mixes into an interesting package. The vocals are strong and clear, except for the again apparently required rap break which is a bit hard to hear. That should tell you right off if you think you'll like it or not, but I really do recommend checking it out, the vocal melodies are really what make this for me. If they can keep this up they will definitely be a group to watch out for in the future.
SiAM&POPTUNesiamepoptunelogoSiAM&POPTUNe's 4th single "Tsugi x Hagi Maker" is a pop rock/dance song that packs a lot of energy. The song keeps true to that throughout - no weird transitions or drops, no needless rapping in it, they keep it pure and sometimes that is just what you need. I can't really say much about the vocals on this one other than they are solid, there are a few familiar melodies in there but they are well matched to the instrumentals.
La PomPonlapomponlogoLa PomPon's first single and major debut "BUMP" is very much a pop dance song packed with energy. The vocals are clear and smooth though that being said they might be a little shouty or maybe it's the instrumentals making it feel that way. Honestly I don't know what I can say about it except it's perfectly average but it's a good solid debut single.
KOBerrieSkoberrieslogoKOBerrieS' latest single "Omoide Yell" could have ranked higher and maybe even should have ranked higher, but it has a few issues with it for me. The instrumentals are sort of rockish with horns, and this is where the major issue for me pops up. As others have mentioned the song reminds me a lot of AKB48's "Give Me Five" though I would say "Omoide Yell" has better execution, but while listening to it I just can't shake that feeling that it should be "Give Me Five". Even the vocals give me that AKB48 feel being done practically entirely in chorus, with little to no solo lines. I can't tell even while watching the PV if any of the girls have solo lines at all. The song is good but it gives that feel of been there done that.
Karat☆karatlogoWhile being around since 2012, I can't say I've ever heard anyone really talk about Karat☆. This month they released their 5th single "Ima wo Ikiru" which is very much an idol pop song, though the instrumentals in places are heavier than you would expect when hearing something referred to as idol pop. The vocal quality of the members is what really caught my attention while listening to the single. Karat☆ feels like a young group, and I don't just mean the members. The group feels like they could really go a long ways and have a lot of room for growth. I strongly recommend checking the song out.

So after several closer listens there are definitely some gems this month. I’m sure some of you will probably be wondering just what the heck I was thinking when I selected these groups, who are all new to the ranking by the way, instead of groups like Dianna☆Sweet or Momoiro Clover Z. Well this is the under appreciated ranking, and Dianna☆Sweet certainly wasn’t under appreciated this month, and Momoiro Clover Z hasn’t been under appreciated for a long time, if anything they have been letting some of their fans down, at least in the singles department.

Let me know who you would have ranked and why in the comments, or just tell me how wrong and completely full of it I am.

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