Um, can I be your girlfriend? SOLIDEMO interview at Japan Expo LA 2015

SOLIDEMO interview at Japan Expo LA

SOLIDEMO is a male Japanese music group consisting of eight men who are all required to be over 5 feet 10 inches tall. With SOLID meaning “cool” and EMO meaning “effeminate” for emotion, SOLIDEMO is a male group who are the coolest men that can also sing about their emotions.

With achievements such as winning the newcomer prize in the “56th Kagayaku! Nihon Record Taishou” in December 2014 and oversea performances at Thailand Comic Con 2014 and the FIFA World Cup in Brazil, SOLIDEMO is on the rise in Asia. Performing alongside other acts such as Cheeky Parade, Hiiragi Rio and RAION, SOLIDEMO was a headlining act for the 30th anniversary of Japan Expo LA.

SOLIDEMO interview at Japan Expo LA

Other than America, have you performed anywhere else? Or was America your first overseas event?

Sasaki Kazuya: No.

Nakayama Yuki: This is our third time [overseas].

Sasaki: Los Angeles, Thailand, and Brazil.

Why did you all want to become singers?

Mukaiyama Takeshi: For me, I loved singing since I was little. Singing made me energetic so I wanted to make the audience energetic as well as bring happiness to the both of us. That’s how it all started.

Approximately how many people participated in the audition for this group?

Mukaiyama, Sasaki: About 500 people.

What big goal does your group have?

Sasaki: Asia and the world is our first big goal. We want to work hard to get people other than Japanese people to listen to us sing.

SOLIDEMO interview at Japan Expo LA

How was Japan Expo?

Sasaki: It was awesome!

Teshima Akito: (English) Exciting!

Mukaiyama: (nods) It was fun.

Yamaguchi Tomoya: It was fun.

Sasaki: Really, the tension was really different from Japan’s. The way they [the Americans] got pumped up. WOOOOO!!! In Japan, “yeahhh.” Over here, “WOOOOO!!!”

Sawaki Keiichi: (English) Nice. (Thumbs up)

Sasaki: (English) Nice. (Thumbs up)

In California, there is something famous called In-N-Out burgers. Have you eaten them?

Teshima: We wanted to go but we didn’t.

[Later, management told them they couldn’t fit In-N-Out into their remaining schedule in L.A..]

Everyone: (laughs) Ehh?

Manager: You guys eat hamburgers every day, right?

Sasaki: We eat hamburgers every day.

Do you all like hamburgers?

Everyone: (thumbs up) WE LOVE IT!

Is there a rule on dating?

Sasaki: It is not a rule. The only rule is that we are all above 5 feet 10 inches tall.

SOLIDEMO interview at Japan Expo LA

Since Los Angeles is known for being hot, do you prefer cold climate or hot climate?

Teshima: I prefer the cold.

Yamaguchi: (Raises hand) Cold!

Teshima: (Raises hand) Cold!

Kimata Hiroyuki: (Raises hand)

Sasaki: (Raises hand) Cold!

Sawaki: (Raises hand) Hot!

Mukaiyama: (Raises hand) Hot!

Nakayama: (Raises hand)

Schnell: (Raises hand) Hot.

SOLIDEMO interview at Japan Expo LA

Do you all study English?

Mukaiyama: A little bit. I’m also studying Chinese a little bit. The other members are too.

Yamaguchi: He [Teshima] really likes English. There are members that like English so they study it a little bit.

Sasaki: These two [Teshima and Kimata] really like English.

Teshima: I want to be able to speak.

Kimata: I want to be able to speak to Americans. I want to be able to talk to them and tell them, “It was really fun.” This is why I have an interest and a like for English.

If you became a food, what food would you want to be and why?

Sawaki: (English) Banana. (Japanese) Bananas are delicious. I quickly get energy from them.

Kimata: (English) Beer. (Japanese) I drink beer every day. I was thinking, “It would be nice to become beer.”

SOLIDEMO interview at Japan Expo LA

Can you give a message to your fans?

Teshima: Please invite us to come back to perform again in Los Angeles.

SOLIDEMO has ended their first concert tour “SOLIDEMO 1st TOUR ~8 Collars~” for the release of their first album “8 Collars”. Go check out their first album and support these cool gentlemen!


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Interview and photography by Serrina Lam.

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