Two Scandals with One Stone

Yonezawa Rumi’s personal twitter account was exposed, which led to her yfrog(image hosting service), holding many pictures with her and Hirajima Natsumi that implied them having relationships. Her mixi account was also revealed, talking about having had a 4 year relationship while in AKB, and openly expressing that she was on the lookout for another. Another comment Yonezawa made about having friends with benefits and lamenting it at 5 in the morning when she had a relief concert to go to in Sendai later that day, offended fans.

Hirajima Natsumi was collateral damage, but her leaving will undoubtedly leave a bigger gap behind; her leaving does not only affect AKB, but the subgroup Watarirouka Hashiritai as well. Hirajima’s only implications lie in photographs, but they were more than enough to incriminate her breaking the golden rule: She was undoubtedly in a relationship with a student at the prestigious Keio University.

Google+ comments filled their pages, most of them demanding an explanation and/or resignation. The theater manager Togasaki later posted an official statement on the AKB blog that the two members have decided to leave, along with their few words of apology and gratitude for the fans that supported them.

Yonezawa Rumi’s leave will not affect me much(although she made a pretty baller omurice), but Hirajima Natsumi leaving has me feeling mixed. A light mix of sympathy, disappointment, and frustration at the rules, two-faced fans and the utter stupidity of having condemning material float around on the internet. If you break a rule, you better damn make sure no one else can find out about it.

Every dream job has a catch. The rules may be archaic, but they are immovable. When faced with irrefutable evidence, leaving is the only thing one can do. The swift and untimely relinquishing of their duties will leave a sour trail for fans and leave AKB with another scar.


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