This Week in Music 12.05.2012

I’m never really sure how to tackle this feature when I have to talk about an AKB48 release. I’m fairly sure that I don’t have to sell anyone on the group at this point and I know that you must all be sick of my criticisms of their musical output by now. Anyway, “Eien Pressure” is the only thing coming out this week and I’m going to talk about it some. Read on if that sounds interesting to you.


AKB48 – “Eien Pressure”

Well, it’s that time of year again and AKB have another Janken single on offer for us. This is the third year running that they’ve done this and the formula still needs some work. By the nature of the exercise, we end up with a “random” center who gets given a song of questionable quality to sing and everyone (deep down at least) is for the most part disappointed with the end result. That’s pretty much what we have here but at least this year the sister groups are getting some b-side love. It’s a shame that the NMB offering is the only one that’s really worth a spin but there’s a HKT debut in there if you’ve been waiting all year for that. Other than that, this experiment of “Put Shimazaki Haurka in the 0 position and gauge fan reaction” shouldn’t stick but I’m sure management will figure out some way to justify her push.


Mano Erina’s last Hello!Project single drops next week. Before that though, I’ll hopefully have an AKB related article up on the site so look forward to all of the hateful things I’m sure to say there. Until next time.

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