This week in music 11.12.2014

This week’s featured releases come from Berryz Koubou, Tsubasa Fly and Vanilla Beans.


Berryz Koubou – “Romance wo Katatte / Towa no Uta


Berryz Koubou kick things off this week with their 36th and more importantly final single. I’m not sure why this is their last single seeing as they still have about 6 months before hanging it up but that’s why I’m not a producer. Still, a 10 year career with a largely unchanged line-up is an impressive feat for an idol group.

As far as the single is concerned, it’s a double a-side that is comprised of two very distinct parts. “Romance wo Katatte” is something ripped straight out of the 1980s and makes for a rather interesting throwback to a time that most of you (myself included) reading this article won’t even remember. Then we have “Towa no Uta” which is a much more typical Berryz style of song and the PV has some nice flashbacks reflecting how far they’ve come since their debut. Overall, the single might not be the huge bang that a lot of people would want Berryz to go out on but it’s fairly enjoyable regardless.


Tsubasa Fly – “Loneliness / Life Is Beautiful”


Next up we have Tsubasa Fly, a group that more people should pay attention to but don’t. They’re releasing what I guess is now a double a-side single even though it wasn’t initially listed as such and doesn’t even say so on the cover. Anyway, I only have one of the songs to work with so let’s make the best of it. Basically I think “Loneliness” is a great song because it reminds me of the type of stuff that Brand-new Idol Society used to do before they went all weird and experimental. It’s hard to explain it in words but BiS fans will get what I’m talking about. Shockingly bad write-up that doesn’t do the song any justice I know, sorry about that. While you’re at it, check out their major debut single from last year “Start In My Dream“.


Vanilla Beans – “Uchouten Girl


Last up for this week’s featured releases we have Vanilla Beans and their new single “Uchouten Girl”. Apparently this was originally supposed to be a song for the group Wink back in the day. Something that would fit Vanilla Beans like a glove right? Well, to a point it does. After having listened to the song, I can see why Wink probably didn’t go for it. It’s nothing special and in my opinion an uncharacteristically subpar effort from Vanilla Beans who generally produce much better music than this. That’s just my opinion though, maybe it will jive with you better than it did with me. I’ll be waiting impatiently for their next single in the meantime.



Miracle Paradise” by i☆Ris

It was a pretty quiet week so we only have “Miracle Paradise” by i☆Ris when it comes to the stuff that I didn’t cover in full. I’m not personally all about the i☆Ris life but the song seems like it would be something that a lot of your would enjoy so be sure to check it out. Until next time.

If you missed any of the last few weeks’ worth of new music you can check out past editions of This Week in Music here.

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