This week in music 10.22.2014

This week’s featured release comes from Tochiotome25.


Tochiotome25 – “Wagyuu Fire!


We only have one featured release this week and that’s down to a number of reasons that I’ll come on to later in this article. That being said, the release that we are featuring is pretty…special, so hopefully you guys will still find it interesting. Tochiotome25 are a fairly obscure idol group, at least in the circles that I operate in. A few of us here at NSK have been trying to promote them though, and you should definitely check out their previous song “Dokkan! Ichigo Sakusen“.

With that introduction of sorts out of the way (do you guys like these longer form write-ups when we don’t have multiple featured releases?), let’s actually talk about “Wagyuu Fire!”. The song reminds me of the kind of thing you’d hear from groups that are cut from the Stardust cloth and that’s certainly no bad thing. As people know, I’m pretty receptive to upbeat songs that are a bit different from the norm and “Wagyuu Fire!” and Tochiotome25 as a whole offer this in abundance.

Those of you who actually bother to click the links in these articles and watch the PVs will already know, but the PV for this song is suitably crazy too. Headbanging cows that breathe fire, dancing pieces of meat, a giant mecha bull…I’m not making any of this up, really. The whole thing really is just such a spectacle that I have to recommend that you check this one out, even if it’s just to say you’ve seen one of the weirdest idol related videos this year.



Tabete.Waratte.Ikite Iku.” by Akamaru Dash
Kamisama no Ijiwaru” by Candy Go! Go!
She Is Wannabe!” by Galette

Galette would have most likely been a featured release this week if they actually had a full PV for me to check out. I’m not personally in the business of writing about songs based off of thirty second previews but I do think the song has some promise. The same is true of Candy Go! Go!, who also appear to have a pretty solid single out this week. Again though, there just isn’t enough for me to go on to make a recommendation right now. Until next time.

If you missed any of the last few weeks’ worth of new music you can check out past editions of This Week in Music here.

What new music are you looking forward to this week? Leave a comment and let us know!

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