This Week in Music 09.26.2012

SKE had a pretty good week last week. At the time of writing this their album has sold almost 100k copies and their single nearly 500k. Those are some very good numbers that the group can hopefully continue to build on in the future.

That’s not what we’re hear to talk about though. We’re here to talk about this week’s new music, which there isn’t really much of sadly. A lone single release is all we have to look forward to this week but I have a feeling that it’s going to be a pretty good one.


Kikkawa You – “Darling to Madonna”

Kikkawa You brings us this week’s solitary new release. “Darling to Madonna” is the solo artist’s fifth single release and it features the electro and rock elements that have started to become synonymous with Kikkawa at this point. The song is upbeat and has a nice tempo to it so if that sounds like a good time to you then you should definitely check this out. For further listening I would suggest tracking down Kikkawa’s album which is titled “One For YOU”. All of this being said, I am a bit worried that Kikkawa’s sound might begin to stagnate a little now that her producers seem to have found a formula that appears to work well for her. However right now I’m enjoying the music that she’s putting out so those are worries for another day.


October begins next week and a lot of the “smaller” idol groups come out to play. Check back next week because I’ll have some thoughts on both PASSPO☆ and Ono Erena’s new singles for you.

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