This week in music 08.05.2015

This week’s featured releases come from Country Girls and Period of Plastic 2 Mercy.


Country Girls – “Wakatteiru no ni Gomen ne / Tamerai Summer Time


Country Girls, the recently renamed and remodeled Country Musume are set to release what is technically their second single this week. With the pain of losing Shimamura Uta, the group’s ace, still fresh in every fan’s mind, this single will hope to steady a ship that has hit some rough seas not long after leaving port. Although perhaps not as memorable as “Itooshikutte Gomen ne / Koi Dorobou”, what we see here is an attempt to build on the foundation that it provided. With senpai Tsugunaga Momoko giving a firm but gentle push to her kouhai I’m sure Country Girls will continue to do just fine.


Period of Plastic 2 Mercy – “P.O.P.


Losing members seems to be a theme of the groups featured in this week’s article. That’s exactly what happened to Pla2me when Mizuta Mari announced she would be leaving the group due to creative differences earlier in the year. Undeterred, Kamiya Saki set out to find not one but four new members for her group. They release a debut album this week that you can at the time fo writing still stream in full on Soundcloud (link above). If you liked Pla2me before then you’re sure to like this one and if you haven’t given them a shot, you can’t say that I haven’t made it as easy as possible for you.



“One Million Times” by FantaRhyme
Kyueens Sai Toujou!!” by Kyueens
Magical Change” by Magical Dreamin
“Koisuru Kuishinbou Girl” by Meguriai
Gensou Koi Hanabi” by Moso Calibration
Waki wo Minaide” by Onnajuku All Stars
ICEWEET” by QunQun
Tsurisen wa Iraneze” by Tsuri Bit
#Yume no Tsuzuki” by Tsuyogari Sensation
Ring Ring Rainbow!!” by YuiKaori


There wasn’t a post last week because I assumed everyone had already heard about Ladybaby and it seemed pointless to write only about that. Of the other stuff coming out this week, Moso Calibration and Tsuri Bit were the ones that caught my attention the most. Oh and if you’re a fan of 48G from back in the day or Afilia Saga then Onnajuku All Stars will likely feature some familiar faces. Until next time.

If you missed any of the last few weeks’ worth of new music you can check out past editions of This Week in Music here.

What new music are you looking forward to this week? Leave a comment and let us know!

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