This Week in Music 07.03.2013

This week’s featured releases come from Nogizaka46 and S/mileage.


Nogizaka46 – “Girl’s Rule


Nogizaka46 release their new single “Girl’s Rule” this week, marking the first time that Ikoma Rina hasn’t been center for a single since the group’s conception. This time Shiraishi Mai finally gets her chance to lead the group and we’re presented with a song that wouldn’t look out of place being associated with a certain 48 group from Nagoya. While not exactly the kind of music that fits the group’s perceived image, critics and fans alike should hopefully enjoy this a lot more than some of the group’s previous offerings. B-sides “Hoka no Hoshi Kara” and “Sekai de Ichiban Kodoku na Lover” are also both very solid and worth a look.


S/mileage – “Yattaruchan / Atarashii Watashi Ni Nare!


S/mileage are my other featured release this week with their double a-side single “Yattaruchan / Atarashii Watashi Ni Nare!”. “Yattaruchan” has some Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku vibes going on which is something I never really expected from S/mileage and they pull the song off really well so props for that. “Atarashii Watashi Ni Nare!” is a more serious sounding song with some pretty bratty lyrics that those of us who were a teenager at one point can probably relate to. Overall I think this is the best single that Hello!Project have released this year and if you don’t check it out then you’re really missing out.



Kimi No Heart Ni Tokihanatsu!” by Doll Elements
Yumekana!” by PLC
Natsu Matsuri” by Sunmyu

As for everything else coming out this week, Doll Elements supply us with a peppy song, Pearl Lady Club give us something with a bit more innocent charm and Sunmyu provide yet another cover of a classic idol song. You can’t really go wrong with any of these so make sure you check them all out and report back.

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