This week in music 06.25.2014

This week’s featured release comes from Kikkawa You.


Kikkawa You – “Urahara Temptation / Iijan


Hey look, Kikkawa You finally released a new single. Its been a while hasn’t it? Although I guess none of us really wanted any more of what she was selling at the time so I guess that’s a good thing. Well it seems like a return to form after her rather lengthy break because this new single is actually quite good. “Urahara Temptation” is a pretty cool sounding electro-pop number, while “Iijan” is just a stupidly fun pop song. I really hope that this single is the beginning of a revival of Kikka’s music career because I really wouldn’t mind hearing more songs like these.



Rainbow Soul -Ganbaru Kimi He-” by DP-1
Kiken na Genjitsu ~ Kizu Darake no Tenshi ~” by Negaigoto
“Otomeshinto Dai 1 Maku-Hajimari No Uta” by Otome Shinto
“Music Goes On” by Prizmmy☆ / Prism☆Mates
Meippai Hashaija Yeah!!” by Splash Revolution
Koisuru Natsu!” by X21

“Worst This Week in Music ever!”, etc, etc.

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