This Week in Music 06.18.2014

This week’s featured releases come from Cheeky Parade, Vanilla Beans and Yokoyama Rurika.


Cheeky Parade – “Together


New York bound Cheeky Parade lead off this week’s featured releases with their new single “Together”. Cheeky Parade are one of those groups that kinda blow hot and cold with me so I’m never quite sure where to have my expectations when they release something new. This time around I was fairly cautious but I think this is a pretty good release actually. The song is catchy and has a nice energy to it, which is something I personally look for in my music. There’s also a rap interlude and who doesn’t love rap interludes? Overall, this Cheeky Parade single hits the mark for me and I’m sure it’ll sound awesome in New York in October.


Vanilla Beans – “Kitto Ii Basho (Fuchi) / Zettai Panty Line”


Vanilla Beans are up next with a rather unexpected new single. I don’t have the exact dates or anything but it feels like it can’t be much more than a month since their last offering. That’s not really a bad thing though because I happen to really enjoy Vanilla Beans’s music. This time sees the duo give us a song that’s quite a bit more uptempo than what we’ve come to expect. Something that I think is a good thing because the stick that most people use to beat Vanilla Beans with is that their songs kinda sound the same. Well maybe some of the people who share that opinion might find this effort to be just different enough to be worth checking out.


Yokoyama Rurika – “Shunkan Diamond


Last up this week we have Yokoyama Rurika from Idoling!!! with yet another musical release. I guess her solo career must be doing pretty well to facilitate all of these singles and her recent album. If you didn’t know, I’m a fan of Rurika’s music for the most part. I think she has a great voice and a good team of writers and composers behind her. Having said that, “Shunkan Diamond” doesn’t rank near the top for me. It’s fairly by the book and doesn’t really do a whole lot to stand out. Still, it’s okay for what it is and I certainly don’t hate it or anything. It just would have been nice to get a little something more.



“Magi9 Playland” by 9nine
Daisuki” by FantaRhyme
Setsunakute Honoka ni Amai (Destiny)” by Hime Carat
Itazura Taiyou” by i☆Ris
Nazenara Watashi, Mousou Shoujo Desu no” by Moso Calibration

What else is good this week? Well, 9nine have an album out and I’m a big fan of talking up albums as a way for new people to get into idol groups, so check that out. FantaRhyme are recycling a b-side as a new single for some reason but the song is cool so that’s worth a look. Hime Carat are doing the “idol band” thing which is pretty neat, i☆Ris have done a summer song and Moso Calibration are your indie fix. Until next week.

If you missed any of the last few weeks’ worth of new music you can check out past editions of This Week in Music here.

What new music are you looking forward to this week? Leave a comment and let us know!

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