This Week in Music 05.23.2012

Welcome to a slightly under the weather edition of “This Week in Music” here on New School Kaidan where our intrepid hero attempts to write the best post that he can while suffering the after-effects of the flu. New releases wait for no man so I’ll try to make the best of it, maybe leave some comments on the site so I feel better?

First, a quick note on SKE48’s sales from the past week. It sadly doesn’t look like they’re going to beat their Kataomoi Finally first week sales but they should end up selling around 460k for the week (barring any crazy sales spike) which is very respectable. Why it didn’t sell the 500k that everyone was hoping for is anyone’s guess, I personally would like to think that it’s because SKE wota saved their money so they can power vote members into the media senbatsu portion of the AKB elections but we’ll have to wait a few weeks to see if that particular theory holds any weight.

Speaking of AKB48, they have a new single coming out this week along with Tokyo Girls’ Style. Read on after the break and I’ll tell you all about them.

AKB48 – “Manatsu no Sounds Good!”

Well here we have it, AKB48’s offering for this summer. It’s pretty standard fare as far as an AKB summer song goes, which I guess is to be expected at this point. The old adage “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” seems to be in full effect once again. While I’m not knocking the song, it’d be nice now that we have the wheel pretty much down if we could maybe look to inventing the combustion engine to drive things forward. If what I’m saying right now isn’t very appealing, perhaps the single’s b-sides may interest you. “Choudai Darling” and “Mitsu no Namida” are both incredibly solid songs that I personally think are better than the a-side so if the idea of another AKS summer song doesn’t sit well with you, check those out. It’s not like you’re not buying a bunch of copies for the election tickets anyway, right? Since I’m sure you all care about how I rank the three summer offerings from AKS the order is 1. SKE48, 2. NMB48, 3. AKB48 which you are more than free to disagree with. Regardless of ranking, AKS appear to have had another very strong summer.


Tokyo Girls’ Style – “Tsuioku -Single Version / Taisetsu na Kotoba”

You’d be forgiven for missing this release in the rush of AKB purchases this week but Tokyo Girls’ Style are back with an old but new release. It’s another double a-side with one side featuring a rearrangement of “Tsuioku” from the group’s recent “Limited Addiction” album. The song is a ballad and somewhat of a departure from the group’s recent singles but it is very enjoyable and the PV looks great too. On the other side we have “Taisetsu na Kotoba” which is more in the style we’re used to from Tokyo Girls’ Style so fans of their more poppy numbers aren’t being left high and dry either. The two songs I feel balance each other out nicely and I can honestly say that there is something here for everyone, depending on what sort of musical stylings you prefer. My only worry for this single is that it doesn’t sell any better than their previous offerings but hopefully the recent announcement of a Budokan show at the end of the year will help things along.


Well you’ve listened to my ramblings so now I’ll let you get back to being all excited about AKB elections and what have you. Make sure you check back next week though because we have Not yet, S/mileage and Watarirouka Hashiritai 7 all with new releases coming out. As if your wallets hadn’t been beaten into submission already this month.


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