This Week in Music 04.23.2013

It’s a bit of an album spotlight this week but don’t let that put you off. Especially when the albums on offer are as good as these. There’s the odd single that I’ll mention along the way but for the most part it’s all albums all the time. Everyone ready? Let’s review.


Afilia Saga – “Archism”


Everyone else in the community seems to have a thing for Tsunku’s Backstage Pass group, which is cool. I like them quite a bit too but for me, Afilia Saga are always going to be number one. This week sees them release their second album “Archism” and the lack of buzz is pretty disappointing. From new song “Koi no Wizard Hyakunen Sensou” to past singles like “Survive!!“, “Kindan Muteki no Darling” and “La La La Revolution“, there’s a lot of really interesting and catchy songs on offer. Maybe the maid gimmick isn’t your thing but don’t just go and judge a book by its cover. If you do that then you’re going to miss out on a pretty cool idol group. Give the videos I linked a try first and then make up your mind.


Kikkawa Yuu – “Two You”


This week’s other featured release comes from Kikkawa Yuu. “Two You” is her second original album (see what they did with the title?) and my emotions are pretty mixed on this one. It’s not that songs like “Koko Kara Hajimarunda!“, “Darling to Madonna“, et al are bad or anything. It’s all perfectly fine electro-pop music. They just didn’t really strike a chord with me, which really sucks to say because I’d really been enjoying her first few singles. Apart from Kikkawa’s last few singles, the album also features their b-sides, a few new songs and acoustic versions of “Sayonara Namida” and “Kikkake wa YOU!“. All in all it’s a nice little package of songs from the past year or so of Kikkawa’s musical output.



“Makenai Chikara / Karada No Mikata.Ginger” by Hachikin Girls
Oseken-sama” by ICT Lovelys
“The Lightning Celebration” by StylipS
Hoho ni Kiss Shite” by Sunmyu

So, I’m pretty hyped for the Afilia Saga album and hopefully some of you might check it out after I waxed poetic on it for a bit there. Kikkawa Yuu’s album seems cool too but not so hyped there. From the other stuff coming out this week, that ICT Lovelys single might actually be pretty good surprisingly enough so check out that video link. The StylipS album is one of those “Best of” type deals and features the songs of many an anime that you’ve probably seen in the past few years. If that sounds interesting, maybe take a look. Lastly, Sunmyu roll back the years with a cover of a 80s idol song so they’ve got you covered as far as nostalgia fixes go.

What are you guys looking forward to this week? Maybe leave a comment and let me know, if you feel like it.

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