This Week in Music 04.11.2012

Welcome to week two of what I like to call “No Release April”. It’s Monday so of course it’s time for “This Week in Music” here on New School Kaidan. As I’ve not so subtly alluded to, there isn’t a whole lot to talk about this week either; a very sparse two releases to be exact. Still, we’ll try to make the best of it and maybe I can convince you to check out some stuff that you might not normally take an interest in.

Before we get into that though I guess I can summarize how Fairies did last week on the off chance that anyone reading this is interested in them. They kicked off the week in third place on the Oricon chart but only selling 3,500 copies of their new single. They then held their position by selling around 5,000 the following day but fell down the charts in the days that followed as sales began to fizzle out. They should still hopefully have outsold their previous single (12,400 copies) when full first week sales numbers become available.

That’s enough about Fairies though. Read on after the break for this week’s new releases.

BiS – “IDOL”

BiS are back this week with a new release. “IDOL” is exclusively available through HMV in Japan and (I assume given the 500yen price tag) is a pretty bare bones affair. I suppose the most interesting thing to note about this release to non-BiS fans is the drastic change in sound and composition from their earlier work. As the title may suggest, “IDOL” is as traditional sounding as an idol song can get. The PV is also the most vanilla thing that I’ve ever seen come out of BiS, so much so that a lot of fans (myself included) are speculating that this release is BiS parodying other idol groups and in a sense making fun of them. Not so hard to believe when you watch the video and the whole thing seems like one giant smirking wink at the camera. It should however be noted that BiS did recently change their manager so this could just be a new (albeit boring) direction for the group. Check out the PV and leave some comments on this article with your thoughts.


Morning Musume – “Renai Hunter”

Morning Musume’s new single “Renai Hunter” also comes out this week. This will be the last single to feature current leader Niigaki Risa before her graduation at the end of Morning Musume’s Spring concert tour and it looks like Tsunku has finally stepped into the 21st century. Dubstep is the order of the day here folks and in all honesty they made a pretty damn good job of it. The composition of the instrumentals is nice and the lyrical arrangement works well with the song. It almost makes up for the disturbing “Renai Hunter”s sprinkled throughout. That said, this is easily my favorite song from this group in a good few years and although I’m doubtful this trend will continue I can but hope that future singles will continue this run of form. Even the PV I’d argue is above average for a Hello!Project PV and is worth a look if anything I’ve said has made you even remotely interested in this release. I never thought I’d be saying this but gives this one a chance.


That’s it guys, those are the releases for this week. I’m curious to hear what you think about both releases so leave a comment and let me know. Also, be sure to check back next week because C-ute’s new single is coming out and I believe SKE are dropping an album although there haven’t really been any updates on that lately (I blame Avex) so maybe look forward to that? In any case, we’ll be here as always for another edition of “This Week in Music” on New School Kaidan.


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