This Week in Music 03.28.2012

It’s Monday again so that means it’s time for “This Week in Music” here on New School Kaidan. First of all let me apologize if this week’s post isn’t up to the usual standards. At the time of writing this I’m still trying to digest the fact that my oshimen Matsui Jurina has been added to Team K in AKB48. I’m going to try my best though so please support me!

Just to quickly recap on last week; no one really sold dramatically better or worse than expected. I guess DiVA’s numbers aren’t really that strong but we could see that coming just by looking at sales from their previous releases. Berryz Koubou were in and around the top 10 for the entire week which is pretty typical for a Hello!Project group these days. As for Sakura Gakuin, they were never really destined to set the album chart alight so their performance this week should not come as any real surprise.

Now we have all of that out of the way, please read on after the break where I’m going to talk about the new music hitting store shelves this week.

Mano Erina – “More Friends Over”

First up this week we have Hello!Project soloist Mano Erina and her new album “More Friends Over”. First of all if I may, can I just say that this is probably one of the worst album titles I’ve heard in a long time. I know it’s Japan trying to use English and I shouldn’t be busting anyone’s balls over it but it’s just……ugh. As for the actual album, it features past singles “Seishun no Serenade” and “My Days for You” and a whole host of other songs though for some reason “Doki Doki Baby” is omitted from this release (probably to sell more singles if I had to guess) which is a bit disappointing. If you’re a fan of Mano Erina then you should certainly be checking this release out. As for everyone else, I’d say check out just to see if it has anything to offer for you. Mano Erina is a pretty polarizing idol so I can’t really say for sure if you will enjoy this release but you’ll never know unless you check it out.


SDN48 – SDN48 1st Stage “Yuuwaka no Garter”

Last up this week we have SDN48 and their first (and last) stage album “Yuuwaka no Garter”. This release being the last in a month where SDN48 fans’ wallets were well and truly emptied by the wave of new releases from the group. I do have to say, the cover certainly does look enticing. Now, I have to admit that I’ve never actually watched this stage so I have no idea what any of these songs sound like. Still, I’d have to imagine that they’re in a similar vein to the singles although I can’t say for sure if that’s the case. Seeing as I really have no idea what to expect I will definitely be checking this release out this week. If you’re a fan of SDN then you should check it out too and even if you’re not a fan you should give it a spin just to hear what their stage sounds like. It’s not like we’ll ever be able to hear it again after the group disbands on the 31st after all.


Sadly that’s all we have this week, please leave some comments on the releases and let us know what you think. After a rather hectic start to the year we’ve hit a bit of a slow patch. That’s okay though, “This Week in Music” shall tough it out until we reach the promised land of May where new releases become more plentiful again. That said, please do come back next week because we will be here same time, same place as always.


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