This week in music 02.26.2014

This week’s featured releases come from AKB48, BABYMETAL and Terashima Yufu.


AKB48 – “Mae Shika Mukanee


AKB48 return with their first single of 2014 and if I’m being honest, it’s pretty good. There’s a bit more excitement and pep to “Mae Shika Mukanee” than a lot of their 2013 offerings so that’s cool. If you’re a fan of the band mongol800 you might find that this song sounds kinda familiar to some of their stuff. Just an interesting little observation that’s been made by a few people. Can’t say I’m super excited about the b-sides from what I’ve heard of them but hey, you can’t win them all. Also this is Oshima Yuko’s last single with AKB48 so I just want to wish her luck with whatever it might be that she decides to do next.




BABYMETAL’s self-titled debut album seems like it’s probably going to be a pretty popular release this week. I can’t help but feel somewhat disappointed by the contents of the CD though. It basically has all of their singles and b-sides and only three new songs. That’s pretty underwhelming in my mind but the new material sounds pretty fun so at least it has that going for it. If you’ve never really given BABYMETAL a chance before, this album would be a pretty good place for you to start. I complain about the lack of new material but for a new fan the material on offer is just ideal.


Terashima Yufu – “Yuflight


When she quit Brand-new Idol Society I didn’t really think I’d see too much of Terashima Yufu again. Well thankfully for me she’s releasing her debut solo single this week. She’s even teaming up with my favorite member of; Yumemi Nemu who provided the lyrics for this release. As far as the music goes, it’s pretty much what I would expect Yufu to sing solo but she does get let down a bit by some questionable mixing. I enjoyed the single but I’m pretty bias when it comes to Yufu so you should probably give it a listen and decide for yourself.



Sakura Baby Love” by ALLOVER
“Berryz Kobo Special Best Vol.2” by Berryz Kobo
“Starting Over” by Dorothy Little Happy
Diamond Only” by E-girls
Happy Star Restaurant” by Prism☆Box
Ichikoro Motion” by Station
Nova Revolution” by StylipS

If you’re looking for even more stuff to check out this week, I would strongly encourage you to give ALLOVER’s “Sakura Baby Love” a listen. While you’re at it; Prism☆Box, Station and StylipS all have very entertaining singles coming out this week too. In fact you should just check out everything really, I don’t think there’s a bad release in the bunch. Until next week.

If you missed last week’s new releases you can check them out here.
What releases are you looking forward to this week? Leave a comment and let us know!

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