This week in music 02.25.2015

This week’s featured release comes from Muto Ayami.


Muto Ayami – “I-Pop


When people think of Sakura Gakuin alumni, Nakamoto Suzuka tends to be the first name that comes to mind. That’s fair enough really, Babymetal have seen incredible global success in the past year. However, they are not the only members of Sakura Gakuin to find success after striking out on their own.

It’s February 2015 and Muto Ayami is set to release her second solo album in as many years. That fact alone is fairly impressive, and Muto does rather shatter the idol mold in that she hasn’t had a single release between these two albums. Regrettably, her first album “Eien to Shunkan” was for the most part ignored in the circles I frequent, but those who did give it a spin had nothing but positive things to say about it.

Like in all fields of entertainment, it’s harder to stand out when you don’t have bold imagery or a gimmick. This time around though more people are taking notice. If you too would like to see what Muto Ayami is all about, the music video for the song “Parallel World” is available right now.



The Crest Of Evil” by Fruitpochette
Penguin Ningen” by Notall
“Namara!!” by WHY@DOLL
“Wasurenai Place / Tensei Rinne -Gong!Gong!Gong!-” by Yoshida Rinne

So yeah, even more albums this week. Must be something in the water I guess. Anyway, if you’re into your Babymetal kind of thing, Fruitpochette are definitely worth a look. I’m also rather partial to WHY@DOLL because they have a tendency to put out some really good music that also goes largely unnoticed. Then there’s Notall, I think they’re one to watch for the future. Don’t ask me why, there’s just something about them that I have a good feeling about. As for Yoshida Rinne, I don’t really know much about her but she’s another soloist and those are like an endangered species in the idol world so let’s support her too, okay? Until next time.

If you missed any of the last few weeks’ worth of new music you can check out past editions of This Week in Music here.

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