This Week in Music 02.12.2014

This week’s featured releases come from GALETTe and Tokyo Girls’ Style.


GALETTe – “Jajauma to Yobanaide / Candy Pop”


Oh man, we’re starting this week off with a release from a new idol group! How exciting! Truth be told, “Jajauma to Yobanaide / Candy Pop” is actually GALETTe’s second single but eh, technicalities. Fans of HKT48 in the early days probably recognize one of the members (Komori Yui), who appears to have landed on her feet here after leaving. Anyway, from the half of the single I’ve heard things seem to be really great. We have a bit of that funk flavor that seems to be coming back into style lately and the vocal styling appears to compliment that very well. We here at NSK really like GALETTe and hope you guys all check them out and come to love them too.


Tokyo Girls’ Style – “Partition Love


Tokyo Girls’ Style provide our second and final featured release for this week with their new single “Partition Love”. It feels like its been a while since Tokyo Girls’ Style have put out a single (it actually hasn’t been, I just checked) so it’s cool to see them back with another offering. It’s hard to talk about this single without bringing up the rather questionable lyrical content of the song. Basically it’s about a girl who has a pretty serious crush on her male teacher…and we’ll leave it at that. I personally enjoy the song a lot, it’s pretty catchy even if it’s the worst kind of lyrics to get stuck in your head. I’m not really sure how you wouldn’t have heard of Tokyo Girls’ Style by now but if you haven’t, this is a decent starting point.



“Kokoro No Sukima” by Abunai Onnanoko Sisters
“Dear My Friend” by Fruity
“Bouken Hajimaru / That’s! Kaiyodo” by Hachikin Girls
Setsunasa Rendez-Vous” by Idol Class
Winter Jam” by Rhymeberry
Jump Up -Chisana Yuuki-” by Sakura Gakuin
Sorairo no Kiseki” by Super Girls

This week’s other releases don’t excite me that much. I mean, half of them don’t even have previews for me to talk about and the stuff that does is fairly average at best. I guess if I had to pick one release to recommend it would Rhymeberry who are making a comeback after having a six month break from releasing music.

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