This week in music 01.22.2014

This week’s featured releases come from AKB48, Brand-new Idol Society and LinQ.


AKB48 – “Tsugi no Ashiato”


AKB48 release their 5th studio album this week. It’s titled “Tsugi no Ashiato” and if you’ve enjoyed the last year or two of AKB’s musical output then this is pretty much more of the same kind of thing. To be fair, there’s actually a decent amount of new songs on offer so there is some value in picking this album up if you’re not already just buying 30 copies for 2-shot tickets. However, if you’re not into AKB48’s recent work, you can probably pass this one up and not really miss out on anything.


Brand-new Idol Society – “STUPiG


Brand-new Idol Society also have a new CD out this week. “STUPiG” is their newest single and it’s a fairly interesting mix of the usual BiS sound and the musical stylings of their BiS Kaidan collaboration project. I honestly don’t expect many people reading this to actually like the single, even I’m struggling a bit. The verses are pretty hard to digest but the chorus itself is actually fairly pleasing to the ear. One has to wonder if maybe the song would be more appealing if they went with that kind of tone throughout instead of what we ended up getting. I’m all for BiS pushing musical boundaries but they need to reign it in a bit on the next single.


LinQ – “Colorful Days


Last up for this week we have LinQ, everyone’s favorite Fukuoka-based non-48 idol group. Their new single is called “Colorful Days” and like Especia, they’re offering up a pop music throwback. We’re not going quite as far back in this instance but “Colorful Days” is still a solid nostalgia hit for anyone who was around to witness pop music in the decade or so prior to the millennium. It’s certainly not the most memorable song you’ll hear this year but I think it’s an enjoyable enough listening experience for it to be worth the 4 or so minutes it will take you to check it out.



“Untouchable EP” by Bellring Shoujo Heart
“Tsubomi” by Flap Girls’ School
“Fruit Parfait Vol.3” by Fruity
Chenmen Paradise” by Fudanjuku
“Cutie Pie!” by PLC
“Wonder Japan @ Station” by Station
Start in My Dream / Don’t Worry Be Alright” by Tsubasa Fly
KGSD” by Victory
Sunrise! -Kimi Ga Kureta Kibou-” by Why@Doll

From the long list of other stuff coming out this week, personal standouts include Tsubasa Fly, Victory and Why@Doll. All three to me feel like they’re worth at least one listen. Who knows, maybe you’ll find something cool. Be sure to let me know in the comment section if you do. Until next time.

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