This is Why Tron is Hilarious

So Trons been going on about the new Momoiro Clover song CoCo Natsu. I’ve told him my side of the story as far as why I don’t think it’s as good a song as their first. In short, it’s catchy but they use Ko-Ko-Ko-Ko too many times. So as a prank, I found a download of the full version of the song which wasn’t supposed to be released yet and offered it to him. But before I send it, I edited the AKB48 Overture right at the most climactic point in the chorus.

This is the conversation that can came from those events.

paranoiareborn: i was gonna send you that song
a tron kun21: hmm? what song
paranoiareborn: coco natsu
a tron kun21: oh sure
a tron kun21: go for it
paranoiareborn: ok
paranoiareborn: sorry
a tron kun21: hm?
paranoiareborn: i told dae i’d send it to him
paranoiareborn: so we’re in the middle of transferring it
paranoiareborn: i’ll send it to you right after
a tron kun21: alrighty
paranoiareborn: i heard there’s no CD for this one
a tron kun21: i think it might just be coupled in their first album w/e that gets released
paranoiareborn: oh
paranoiareborn: there was supposed to be a star in between
paranoiareborn: but aol won’t let me transfer it
paranoiareborn: with the odd character
paranoiareborn: so i had to delete it out of the title
a tron kun21: ahh

a tron kun21 received C:\Documents and Settings\David Liao\Desktop\CocoNatsu.mp3.

a tron kun21: cool thanks
paranoiareborn: np
paranoiareborn: enjoy
a tron kun21: will do

a tron kun21 is idle at 4:08:02 PM.
a tron kun21 is no longer idle at 4:13:10 PM.

a tron kun21: wtf
a tron kun21: what was that
a tron kun21: where did you get this song
paranoiareborn: huh?
a tron kun21: the song
a tron kun21: I think its broken
a tron kun21: or someone messed with it
paranoiareborn: what?
paranoiareborn: its like skipping
paranoiareborn: garbled?
paranoiareborn: i didn’t hear anything from Dae

a tron kun21: oh
a tron kun21: well yea
paranoiareborn: you want me to send it again?
paranoiareborn: whats wrong with it?
a tron kun21: ehh
a tron kun21: thats fine
a tron kun21: i’ll deal with it

paranoiareborn: wtf tron
paranoiareborn: whats with you?
a tron kun21: what
paranoiareborn: why you acting all weird

a tron kun21: did you do it?
a tron kun21: I thought so
paranoiareborn: dude
paranoiareborn: who the fuck else would do it
a tron kun21: well I dunno
a tron kun21: I just didnt want to jump to assumptions

paranoiareborn: jesus christ tron
paranoiareborn: you’re an idiot
paranoiareborn: and thats why i love you

a tron kun21:
but seriously like
a tron kun21: I thought I had youtube on
a tron kun21: the first time
paranoiareborn: hahaha
paranoiareborn: HAHAHA
a tron kun21: i was fucking confused
paranoiareborn: god damn it
a tron kun21: did you just edited it now?
a tron kun21: thats why you stalled it?
paranoiareborn: yep
paranoiareborn: good job figuring it out Professor
a tron kun21: ahhh
a tron kun21: damn
a tron kun21: makes sense

paranoiareborn: also i did send it to dae
paranoiareborn: just both versions
a tron kun21: well fuck

paranoiareborn: heres the real version
paranoiareborn: i was hoping you’d be all into the song
paranoiareborn: dancing around like an idiot
paranoiareborn: about to do the coco natsu
paranoiareborn: when the AKB came in

a tron kun21: well fuck I wasnt dancing
a tron kun21: but I was like singing along
a tron kun21: while checking out hello online
a tron kun21: then it came up and I was just like wtf is that

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