The Ultimate Must See List for October 2016

I’ll be making a trip to Japan in October and boy I’m excited.
There are some great groups I haven’t seen in months.
But even more so there are plenty of new groups to check out.

So here’s my list in a somewhat ranked list of must see groups.
I am seriously gonna try to see all of these groups during my trip.

LINKSTAR’s (Honorable Mention)

New PV Alert: LINKSTAR’s – twinkling☆
Since NSK has had the opportunity to interview LINKSTAR’s I felt it would be a bit unfair to try to rank them on the official list. Don’t get me wrong, I’m super excited to see them again. Since seeing them in LA last year at Japan Expo, they’ve revamped and added three new members. They’re looking fantastic on stage.

And I’m freaking excited talk to the members while meeting the new members. Especially I’m curious to talk Itoh Yua.


I still know very little about one of Fukuoka’s biggest Idol acts. DJ Amaya has been raving about them since I’ve met him and I swore to him I’d eventually see them. I don’t know any of the songs so

I’m hoping that seeing them in a live atmosphere will change all that. It usually does. Hope they’re playing in Tokyo during my stay. My favorite member is listed to the right in a pizza commercial.

Tenkoushoujo Kagekidan

This is a group recommended to me by @John_Jangler. They’ll be having their one man live while I’m in Japan so he’s agree to take me. They’re a military themed group so it should be interesting.


Oh Chiaki. How long has it been? Will you still remember me after a year since I last saw you? I only met you once and I declined my chubby hug.

Will you still remember me?


Heart x Strings

Izumi had been a staple of asfi for such a long time so it came as a surprise when I heard she had left the group. Then when I thought some more, it was probably time to move on to do something else. To even more of a surprise to me, she suddenly popped up in a new group.


Third time is the charm? This will be the third time for me to see Girls Entertainment Mixture. I just haven’t been able to find something to hook me in. But @vupham is taking me to a GEM one man so it’ll be good to see a long set. Maybe that’ll finally be the right way.

Golden Age

A pirate themed idol group called Golden Age. Need I say anymore?

Mousou Calibration

I finally got bit by the Calibration bug and “Maho no Juice” was the song to do it for me. I’m liking their new look but as with a lot of indie Idols, a major debut usually means more regulations and a focus towards a universal audience. It’s already evident as their music videos are being blocked while under Sony control. It might already be difficult to see them in Japan but I’m gonna try.

London Blue

I was introduced to this group by a British dude. You know the one. Saw them last time had fun. Had good conversations too. This time I’ll get a shirt and their new album.

2o Love to Sweet Bullet

The group with the odd name just released their third single this year. I’ve been a fan of this group’s sound since the first day I saw them. They’re a fun group to see and of course there’s Honomi.

Iketeru Hearts

This is a group that I’ve followed for the last year or so and still have no pictures to show for it. Through a series of unfortunate events they’ve always been performing at a different venue or promoting a new CD. So it’ll finally be time to meet the members one on one.

They’ve come a long way since being Afilia Saga’s little sister group. They’ve really come into their own since the video on the right.

Zenryoku Shoujo R

I was a big Ru:Run fan so I wouldn’t be honest if I told you the merger with Shooting Star Girls wasn’t at least a little bit disappointing. I’m not a fan of the new name or the theme. I thought the Ru:Run ping pong gimmick was awesome so it’s gonna be difficult to overcome that. Then I saw the first glimmer, a practice video of one of their new songs. All it took was a look at their energy. I’m in.

Niji no Conquistador

I saw this group very briefly earlier this year. I was sick at the time so I wasn’t fully able to enjoy their performance. On top of that, they were promoting their new CD so photos cost through the roof. Nemoto Nagi has become one of my favorite idols over the last 6 months mostly because of her sheepish goofy personality. So gonna see her again. It’ll also be nice to finally meet some of the other members as well.

QT Capsule

This group will be making their debut in October. It’s a pretty perfect coincidence for me. So why am I excited about this new group which has yet to perform?

The Return of Itou Miu. She was the original center of Armor Girls and after having fallen out of graces with management, she’s been forced to wait until her contract expired before she was able to join a new group. And then there’s Onodera Naho.

She was an original Pa-Ken member who’s inexplicably joined as well.


Maboroshi Karen Gene

I have followed this group for over a year on twitter but have yet to see them perform. Mainly this is due to the fact that I couldn’t figure out how to correctly read their name. I’ve run into them at buppan before but chose not to take a photo with them. As a rule I don’t take photo’s with groups I didn’t see perform.

I can pretty much guarantee I’ll finally get my picture with Saotome Yumino.

Psycho Predator

One of my best moments from last year was having met Halu from Lolisyn. It became this whirlwind of meeting and coming to America only to have them disband earlier this year. Many of us assumed her idol career to be over but suddenly a week ago, she surfaced with a new twitter account and as part of a new group.

I have no idea what kind of group or music this will be, just excited to see her perform again.



You don’t see many trios in the idol world. That’s because it’s a hard sell. It’s not quite a group and the split makes for an odd number of personalities. But somehow elfloat has managed to keep it going. I’ve always been a fan of the magical theme mixed with their rock sound and their fans are one of the liveliest bunches. Can’t wait to see them again.

Otome Brave

Six months ago I was approached by an idol in yellow at a show. She didn’t know I a foreigner and that she suddenly would be thrust trying to use her English skills. That may have been one of my most fulfilling conversations I’ve had to date. We’ll see what the second round holds for us this trip.

Zettai Chokkyuu Shoujo! Playballs

Suddenly I’ve become the biggest fan of the “Absolute Fastball Throwing Girls Playballs” I saw them once earlier this year and didn’t think much of them but since coming home and listening to more of their stuff, I can’t get enough of them.

Diving Catch has become one of my favorite songs and they just released “We are UMPIRE” which I love too.

I’m still having trouble telling all 10 members apart but trust me after I meet each of them, I’ll have it down. Yes, I said it. I’m gonna get chekis with every member.

Know of any groups I missed?

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