The Sincerest Form of Flattery

I guess music industries are more internationally aware of each other than I thought.

These girls called ‘Las Famosas Inalcanzables’, which roughly translates to ‘The Untouchable Superstars/Celebs’ performs a song called ‘Champú para Tus Ojos’, or ‘Shampoo for your Eyes’. This is easily the funniest thing I’ve seen all week:

They even imitated the butchered version of the ‘Beginner’ PV, inter-cutting their song with random speaking moments and scattered with making-of shots. Some spanish-speaking fans suspect it to be a bad parody while others think it’s a poor knock-off. If it’s a parody, I don’t know where the joke is. That excuse sounds more like a bad apology, like Tommy Wiseau saying that his film ‘The Room’ was initially meant to be badly funny after it was universally panned and turned into the most mocked film of the decade.

Even though ‘Champú para Tus Ojos’ has a painfully low budget by normal television standards, doing something like this still isn’t cheap. Someone had to throw money into this, and the question is: Why? An AKB song parody wouldn’t mean anything to over 90% of America, or most other countries for that matter; there’s simply no reason for this to be funded “for comedy”. Whether the lyrics are hilariously bad or the girls are laughable, there’s not enough there to confirm to me that it was a “well-meaning parody”.

Thankfully, there’s no sign of any intent of trying to be an actual idol group; It just looks like someone’s bad idea to make something famous and AKB was the unlucky target. Let’s just enjoy the absurdity as what it is.
“Shampoo for your Eyes”….jesus.


article edited after more information surfaced

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