The Million Flying Get

So, the impossible happened today—something even hardcore fans didn’t predict with this single, and something I had written off as incredibly idealistic. And yet, there the number is, staring right back at me: 1,025,952.

‘Flying Get’ has sold over a million copies on its opening day. What a ridiculous feat. I don’t want to go through all the “I remember back when…” talk, but it’s just been a pleasure seeing this group grow in every sense. Sales, members, singles, concerts, stages, everything. AKB wasn’t an overnight sensation, and they weren’t an easy sell. It was a slow, gradual climb, and one against huge obstacles.

To undercut or downplay this feat because they only see this as the status quo or are tired of hearing about AKB is a little short-sighted. I believe that their success story played a large part in the creation and growth of many new and now-successful idol groups and smaller growing groups.

That if something as big as AKB was built from a tiny theater, it’s possible for them as well. The idol market is now thriving, with their own loyal fanbases and their own appeals, alongside AKB. There’s never been a more compelling and dynamic time to be an idol fan.

Oh yes, and congratulations once again on selling a million copies on the first day, AKB! And perhaps more importantly, I got my pizza from Tron.  YUM.


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