The Man for Whom Money is No Object

It started out as a harmless bid.  It was for a picture of an AKB member I liked.  The clothes, pose, and quality of the photo was well worth the 10 dollars.  I rarely bid on any items; the “buy it now” button is what I usually limit my purchases to not because I worry about spending too much money but simply for its convenience and speed.  But if the deal is good enough, I’m willing to wait the 2-3 days time to win the item.

And here enters the worst-case scenario.  Just when it was about to fall into my hands, I receive the dreaded message: “You have been outbid”.  I initially entered 15 dollars as my cap; I raise it to 20.  “You are currently in the lead”.  I refresh.  “You have been outbid”.  No problem.  I raise it to 25 dollars.

…Immediately after: “You have been outbid”.  What, really?  I feel defeated.  Perhaps I should walk away.  After all, I just made the other person pay 5 more dollars right?

Hm…what the hell; I enter in 35 dollars.  “You are currently in the lead”.  That sounds about right.  In a blink of an eye, the price has increased more than threefold.  I lean back in my chair and sigh.  What am I doing paying over thirty dollars for a small picture?  It’s absolutely absurd.  What does this say about me?  I’m in no position to be spending money.

Wait.  I’ve just been outbid…Motherfucker.  This fool has no idea who he’s dealing with.  No.  This is now about more than just the picture.  It’s about something far dumber.  And I’m gonna win it.

It’s now 6 bids later, and I just added another pricey cap.  I probably shouldn’t even say the amount.  It’s expensive.

…I can keep going.  This is why I shouldn’t bid.


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