The Boxset to End All Boxsets

The Minogashita Kimitachi He Concert took place at the Tokyo Dome City Hall on May 24th through June 12th.  It was a massive stage revival, with each team stage being performed each day(with the exception of June 9th).  The long awaited DVD release of this event is on the verge of being over, with the release of information about pre-orders.  And here it is:

As it’s the largest box set of AKB ever made, I thought it was important to chronicle it here. It’s a massive set of 23 discs, 4 of which are “making-of” extra material. It also comes with 19 photos and its own photobook.

All this can be yours for 34,800 yen. Those of you who will buy this, you are heroes. For those of you willing to download, you better have 100-160 gigs ready to receive this ISO stampede; but you’ll have to miss out on this pretty, pretty packaging.


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