Team YJ7 and Team YM7 Compete with Mics!

If you weren’t aware, the first round, based daily votes, went to Team YM7 with 120,071 votes, while Team YJ7 took 109,667 votes. Team YJ7 fans had little reason to feel defeated just yet, as the next round was announced: a Karaoke Competition! With all the news I had to keep up with in the past week, I completely overlooked the first batch of karaoke videos that were released on the YJ7vsYM7 website.

Karaoke is a great way to get a glimpse of each member’s taste in music and singing ability. The first batch of contestants were: Ichikawa Miori, Sato Amina and Minegishi Minami from YJ7, and Takeuchi Miyu, Komori Mika and Miyazaki Miho from YM7. I was pleasantly surprised at a lot of these musical choices, and Takeuchi Miyu especially surprised me with her singing voice. Watching these made me appreciate the voices that make up AKB’s sound even more. Watch them all below:


Ichikawa Miori

Sato Amina

Minegishi Minami


Takeuchi Miyu

Komori Mika

Miyazaki Miho

So, which team do you think has the lead so far; Team YJ7 or Team YM7?!


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