team PB vs team YJ

yuki kashiwagi(left), kasai tomomi(right)

results are in.  and the winner is…

team PB's takajyo aki


i was rooting for PB.  both groups have members that i support but when takajyo aki, miyazaki miho, ohta aika, kashiwagi yuki and miyazawa sae are in the same group?  overpowered.  that’s just my bias though.

TEAM PB: Enkyori Poster


the idea of the contest was to create 2 teams, each representing a magazine company.  team PB would represent Playboy and YJ would represent Young Jump.  each team would get their own song and PV, as well as being featured by their supported magazine.  the winner would be featured on the cover of both Playboy and Young Jump, and a gravure shoot as well.  i’m not someone who particularly enjoys or collects idol or gravure material, but i still wanted PB to win because they had members that i liked more.

i don’t know why, but at first glance i thought PB would win, no contest. but team YJ has really strong members as well like kasai tomomi, minegishi minami, sashihara rino, and kitahara rie.

TEAM YJ: Choose Me!


both put in strong efforts, and the votes ended up being very close.  i enjoyed both songs, and it was a  tough decision between the two.  in the end i felt PB’s ‘enkyori poster’ had an edge over YJ’s ‘choose me’. but even though i had more members i liked in team PB, team YJ ended up surprising me.

i was even starting to worry a little that PB may not actually win, but who was i kidding.  how can a team with akicha and myao lose?

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