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Akishibu Project – Hola! Hola! Summer (1st Single)

秋葉原のカルチャーと渋谷のカルチャーの融合をコンセプトに2014年から活動を開始した7人組アイドルグループ、“アキシブproject”が遂にメジャーデビュー決定!夏はアキシブの季節。超絶サマーチューンで鮮烈デビュー! (C)RS The seven-party idol group, “Axib project” which started activities from 2014 with the concept of fusion of Akihabara culture and Shibuya culture finally decided major debut finally! Summer is the season of Axibu. Vibrant debut summer tune debuted! (C) RS [note: translation via Google Translate]    More AKISHIBU …

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