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Wa-Suta – GIRLS, BE AMBITIOUS! (2nd Mini Album)

I went to the 20th year since my inauguration in 2015, and my fourth year is entering, I am working actively with 2018 as “Wandering Year”. New song every month from April 2018 until March 2019! Ice food Forest egg presents I summed LIVE TOUR 2018 ~ JUMPING SUMMER ~ …

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Dream Ami – Wonderland (7th Single)

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Dream Ami 7th single “Wonderland” The release date was decided on October 24 (Wednesday)! As already announced, The title song “Wonderland” which Dream Ami handled lyrics, 10/26 (Friday) National Road Show Jobu-san and Hidetoshi Nishijima co-starred in the entertainment at the amusement park setting stage Movie “Ozland smile teaches you …

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NGT48 – Sekai no hito e (4th Single)

Kitawara Rihide graduated from the first generation captain, Mihama Kato was appointed to the team NIII captain, a team G was newly established, Mr. Honma Suna was appointed as the captain, The 4th single which will be the beginning of the new chapter of NGT 48 which was organized by …

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Nijiiro no Hiko Shojo – Nijiiro no hiko shojo (1st Single)

Theater company ToyLateLie The seventh time performance “7 × 1 (reading: Nanakakeiichi)” limited-time idle unit. Formed in July prior to the October stage. LIVE will be announced at “Sekigahara Utahime Battle Battle 2018”, debut with electric shock. It will be a dreamlike project that the unit in the story exists. …

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Iketeru Hearts – Lovely Hearts (1st Album)

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Iketeru Hearts brings the first album. This edition consists single CD with 12 songs total, including three new ones. *All the included tracks, except for “HEARTS OF JOURNEY,” are different from the SIDE B edition. “キラキラアイドル進行形、ハートの思いは 複数形、イケてるハーツです” イケてるハーツ 1stアルバム!! [SIDE A]はCD1枚組。新曲3曲を含む全12曲を収録。※[SIDE B]とは新曲「HEARTS OF JOURNEY」以外の収録曲が異なります。 [note: translation via Google Translate]   …

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New PV Alert: amiinA – Caravan

Forcing myself to rid Duke Ellington from my head, we get “Caravan” from the duo amiinA. Ami and Miyu deliver to us this quickly paced jig of a song complete with banjos and penny whistles like a Japanese filtered version of Flogging Molly. Backed by an ample band, amiinA dance …

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READY TO KISS – Thai ni iki tai (5th Single)

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The fifth single from READY TO KISS CD Track List TBA   More READY TO KISS coverage from New School Kaidan   Buy READY TO KISS’s “Thai ni Iki Tai” Chiba Sakino version Amazon.jp | CDJapan | YesAsia Uehara Ayuko version Amazon.jp | CDJapan | YesAsia Kiyokawa Reina version Amazon.jp …

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Dance for Philosophy – "It’s my turn" & "Live life" (8th Single)

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8月31日「イッツ・マイ・ターン」「ライブ・ライフ」の2曲を両A面とするシングルリリース! CDカップリングにはライブ音源を収録予定。DVDは6月16日恵比寿リキッドルーム、6月23日渋谷WWWでのライブ映像を収録予定。 これは6月16日に恵比寿リキッドルームでの生バンド演奏でのワンマン・ライブでお披露目された新曲。 「イッツ・マイ・ターン」は”コペルニクス的転回”を90’sアシッド・ジャズ的解釈で歌う楽曲、 「ライブ・ライフ」は”生の哲学”を70’s王道ディスコ・ファンクのスタイルで表現する楽曲となっています。 どちらも「哲学で踊らせる」グループのコンセプトに沿ったものとなっており、今年の夏フェスでもキラー・チューンとして自信を持ってお送りできる楽曲です。 August 31 Single release with 2 songs “It’s My Turn” and “Live / Life” on both sides! CD coupling will include live sound source. The DVD will include live video at Ebisu Liquid Room on June 16, Shibuya WWW on June 23. This is …

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