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New PV Alert: ROSE A REAL – clap

ROSE A REAL, the sister unit of Yuriya and Mariya Suzuki get the first of four consectutive promotional videos off the ground with the release of the “clap”. An infectious rhythm soaks through the song that features lyrics from the sisters. The video production features the Suzuki sisters in a …

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Meet Cheeky Parade

Cheeky Parade official image

Today, I’ll be introducing the Japanese Idol unit, Cheeky Parade (チィキィ パレード), known for their high energy performances which are sure to get the crowd going! The group was formed back in December of 2009, with eight members, under the Avex Trax label of iDOL Street as Street-sei (ストリート生). It wasn’t …

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NSK 163 – No Narrative, My Life

Recorded October 3rd, 2013. Opening: NSK Overture Ending: Everydae Kachuusha by Yoshi-P [download] Yoshi’s Twitter – yoshi_nsk Dae’s Twitter – newschooldae Dave’s Twitter – t3hdave New School Kaidan Twitter – newschoolkaidan NSK Google+ Community

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