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The Evening Show With NSK Episode 20

Recorded September 19th, 2014. [download] Yoshi’s Twitter – @yoshi_nsk Garry’s Twitter – @mage77 Data’s Twitter – @wasshoid Chase’s Twitter – @starlancerpg New School Kaidan Twitter – @newschoolkaidan NSK Google+ Community The guys talk HKT48’s “struggling” PV and a PV by a group named, “everyin!”. Yeah, we don’t know what that …

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Word of Mouth, Feb 17th

Word of Mouth Podcast

On today’s show David speaks to Dae Lee about: Shuffle Rumors: Where are Matsui Rena, Shirashi Mai, Nishino Nanase going? Oshima Yuko, The greatest AKB48 member ever? Who is @345__chan? (two underscores) Tsunku is excited…about himself Music generously provided by DJ Amaya Feel free to leave your comments, opinions, or …

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Morning Musume: 1/Musume

In the run up to the release of their 54th single “Wagamama Ki no Mama Ai no Joke / Ai no Gundan“, Morning Musume have been releasing a series of short videos aimed at introducing the current members to a new audience. Introducing “The Current Morning Musume”  

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“Majidesuka Ska” Gives Me Hope.

Who would have guessed? I went into the Morning Musume 9th generation auditions with barrels of skepticism. I tried to remain as clear-headed and unenthusiastic as possible because of all the things that happened(and didn’t happen) in the past 3-4 years of Morning Musume’s history that contributed to their current …

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