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AKB48 on 'Wednesday J-POP'

‘wednesday j-pop’ is a music show by NHK, who also does ‘MUSIC JAPAN’, which hosted the idol bash that aired on may 30th.  akb48 appeared on wednesday j-pop with a live mini-concert in shibuya.  River, Ponytail to shushu, Oogoe Diamond, and Iiwake Maybe were performed, followed by Aitakatta and Hikoukigumo …

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ponytail to shushu sales

going into ponytail to shushu, i was a little worried about their sales numbers.  ‘river’ and ‘sakura no shiori’ held mass appeal; they were songs not typical to idol groups.  its mainstream sound and rigorous advertising proved successful, as ‘river’ sold 239,000 copies.  compared to ‘iiwake maybe’, it sold over …

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Ponytail to Shu Shu PV

so the long awaited PV was released just a little while ago.  the intro is hilarious and absurd, going above and beyond the typical idol fare.  there’s a air of freshness and vibrancy to this PV.  everything is dynamic and saturated with colors, the hand-held camera adds that extra grounded …

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