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NSK 200 – The most interesting wota in the world

New School Kaidan Podcast

Recorded August 5th, 2014. Opening and Ending graciously provided by DJ Amaya. Support him at bandcamp! Ending: THE NEW SCHOOL KAIDAN ANTHEM (ORIGINAL MIX) [download] David Chang’s Twitter – @t3hdave Charlie Cowdin’s Twitter – @drako60 Chase Lim’s Twitter – @starlancerpg Kenneth Uy’s Twitter – @missingno15 New School Kaidan Twitter – …

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NSK Origins: Malcolm

Hey, NSK community! I’ve wanted to write one of these for a while. My introduction to idols may not be as extensive as the others but it has had a profound impact of my life. I hope you enjoy this article and maybe learn a little bit more about me.

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