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Seireki13ya – Yokuto Asterism (3rd Single)

Description Zenbu Kimi no Seida, Yukueshirezu Tsurezure, Kaqriyo Terror Architect, a unit newly produced by Codomomental (Codomomental Inc.) with various female artists with edgy effects, such as “Yoshise 13:”, released in quick succession Repeat 3 months from your debut and complete your 3rd single! (C) RS などエッジが効いた様々な女性アーティストを抱える株式会社コドモメンタル(コドモメンタルINC.)が新たにプロデュースするユニット、立て続けにリリースを繰り返し、デビューから8ヶ月にして、早くも3rdシングルが完成! (C)RS [note: translation …

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Seireki 13 ya – Itoshi utakata to (2nd Single)

Description “The cause of yourselves.” “The history of the unit” Star History, “produced by Codomomental Co., Ltd. (Codomomental Inc.), which has various female artists with edgy effects, such as” Everything is Rez “,” Yoyo Terror Architect ” 13 nights, released 2nd single in a short span of 3 months from …

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