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Word of Mouth, Feb 17th

Word of Mouth Podcast

On today’s show David speaks to Dae Lee about: Shuffle Rumors: Where are Matsui Rena, Shirashi Mai, Nishino Nanase going? Oshima Yuko, The greatest AKB48 member ever? Who is @345__chan? (two underscores) Tsunku is excited…about himself Music generously provided by DJ Amaya Feel free to leave your comments, opinions, or …

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Idol Digest – AKBINGO! #149 (08.24.2011)

08.24.2011 – AKBINGO! #149 [Link] This week’s ‘AKBINGO!’ introduced a brand new segment, ‘Ikemen Gakuen’!  AKB members were dressed as different archetypes of preppy schoolboy “Ikemen”, which basically translates to “hot guys”.  The hosts will present questions, and the students of Ikemen Gakuen are to write down and present their …

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It was established that there would be a competition between two newly created subgroups akin to last year’s Team PB and Team YJ. This time it’s Team YJ and Team YM, and unlike last year, the competition looks tough. Team YJ consists of Minegishi Minami, Kitahara Rie, Yokoyama Yui, Ota …

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MYAO + KOREAN = 사랑해 미호!

Miyazaki Miho, what a dream girl. What better way to appeal to my heart than to speak my native language, and with great pronunciation! She loves New York, Universal Studios, horror movies, aquariums, and now speaks Korean. Clearly, the universe is setting us up for each other. Dae

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do, re-mi, do-mi-do MYAOOOOO!

miyazaki miho’s birthday barely squeezes in on the (second to the) last day of july to join the “awesome people born in july” club (of which i am also a member).  may her defiant, rebellious, arrogant self be in akb for years to come. MYAOOOO!!!!

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“mayu-miho-pyon” represents the terrible trio of akb consisting of watanabe mayu, miyazaki miho and erena ono.  kind of like the three stooges, but cute. (backstage of Shibuya AX)

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