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New PV Alert: Perfume – Saisei

Theme song of the movie “Shijinsou no Satsujin(屍人荘の殺人)”, Perfume are back in action with “Saisei (再生)”. New footage of the girls with their trademarked and patented choreography among the greenery gets laced with clips from past promotional videos by the trio. The juxtaposition of past and present really gives the …

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Perfume – Perfume The Best “P Cubed” (Best Album)

Description In commemoration of entering the major debut 15th anniversary year in September of this year, the first best album release that recorded all 52 songs !! New song “Nana Nana Nairo” (Kurashie skin beauty paper mask CM song) and more One song latest song is recorded, all songs except …

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New PV Alert: Perfume – Everyday

Perfume gets my day started today with a new promotional video for the album track “Everyday”. Coming to us from the Perfum The Best “P Cubed” album, the girls float among the clouds on a round stage for a well-choreographed dance shot; that’s not new for the trio. Scenes of …

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College Cosmos – Yume wa Ijiwaru / Kotoba no Mizu wo Roka Shitai / Kigou Nanka ja nai Watashitachi wa (1st Single)

“Yume wa Ijiwaru / Kotoba no Mizu wo Roka Shitai / Kigou Nanka ja nai Watashitachi wa (夢は意地悪/言葉の水を濾過したい/記号なんかじゃない私たちは; Dreams Are Unkind / I Want to Filter the Water of Words / We are not such things like symbols.” is College Cosmos’ debut single. It will be released on March 6, …

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New PV Alert: Perfume – Future Pop

“Future Pop” from Perfume puts the girls in a fiction where live performances of the trio are blended with animation to produce the uncanny valley. The promotional video visits a few of the group’s past promotional videos set to the new wondrous sounds of the group’s new album. In “Future …

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Perfume – Future Pop (7th Album)

Perfume profile image

Perfume new album release decision. NEW ALBUM “Future Pop” after the previous work “COSMIC EXPLORER” for the first time in about two years is the seventh total as the original album, including the single song “TOKYO GIRL”, “If you wanna”, “Mugen unlimited” , Coupling song used in CM, and a …

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