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AKB T-Shirts for sale!

I heard you guys were looking to show off your AKB fandom out in the public, no you say? While i’m sure a lot of you who visit the site would rather keep your fandom locked in the closet, there are others like myself who’s mission is to spread our …

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Dae’s Idol 101

Many of us were asked what idols are, why they are appealing, and why we’re fans of them. This is my scrambled attempt at answering these questions, as well as giving a very basic breakdown of what this fandom consists of. If by some random happenstance you were interested in …

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TF006 – Top Five “Shameful” Songs

Recorded February 24th, 2011. Dave joins Dae, and David to talk about their Top 5 songs that others would give them shit for liking. Opening: Flying Get – AKB48 Closing: I Love Blues – Mini Moni [download] David’s Twitter – RockLiao Dae’s Twitter – newschooldae Dave’s Twitter – t3hdave Read …

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