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FES☆TIVE – Shakariki top runner! (10th Single)

Description The 9th single of FES ☆ TIVE major debut. The title lead track is “Tamaya 2060%”! (C) RS FES☆TIVEメジャーデビュー通算9枚目のシングル。今作も引き続き、表題リードトラックは“玉屋2060%”! (C)RS [note: translation via Google Translate]   Tracklist Information CD Tracklist TYPE A 1. しゃかりきトップランナー! 2. バナナナナ不思議。 3. 無限モフモフ (土光瑠璃子・南茉莉花 Main Ver.) TYPE B 1. しゃかりきトップランナー! 2. ぼくたちの輝き 3. 無限モフモフ …

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FES☆TIVE – Haretoke! Appare! Japanese! (9th Single)

Description “Festival Idol Unit” FES ☆ TIVE’s ninth single! Across the Universe Nao Matsuri Song is born! (C) RS “お祭りアイドルユニット”FES☆TIVEの通算9枚目のシングル!アクロス・ザ・ユニバースなお祭りソングが誕生! (C)RS [note: translation via Google Translate]   Tracklist Information CD Track List 1. ハレとケ! あっぱれ! ジャパニーズ! 2 (Type A). オトメ、ケセラセラ 2 (Type B). Unknown Wars 2 (Type C). ジャパナディスコ + …

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FES☆TIVE – Yurayurayurari Koigokoro (8th Single)

FES ☆ TIVE major new single single that will be the eighth total! In the summer idol festival where two members withdrew from the previous work “Yamato Sako Sunrise” when they released, with six new members, A rapidly growing idol group FES ☆ TIVE who has made amazing evolution. The …

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