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Ototoy Friday – Spring Fever (3rd Single)

Description A musical unit “Ototo Friday” by the nationally sexy idols Minami Minami Kojima and Mana Kamakura has released a new single “Spring Fever” on 5/10 (Fri = Friday). “Spring Fever” is a spring song produced by the three-man rap group “ENJOY MUSIC CLUB”, and I would like to pay …

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New PV Alert: Ototoy Friday – Spring Fever

Ototoy Friday get their indie pop sensibilities in full gear with their split-screened promotional video for “Spring Fever (スプリングフィーバー)”. The group get some tasty guitar leads and wonderfully head expanding keyboard sounds to underscore Minami and Mana’s rap-like delivery before heading into full pop choruses. On the split screen, the …

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