Sounds From the Underground: Rhymeberry

Did you know that there’s an idol rap group? I bet you didn’t because this is another edition of “Sounds From the Underground” where I feature underground idol acts!

The first time I was shown this idol rap group, I was blown away by how catchy the songs were! Rhymeberry even features a DJ! She’s called DJ Hikaru and takes to the stage saying, “Yo!, Ya’ll ready!?” in a not so convincing but hilarious way. Then she proceeds to drop some fat beats that the other girls rap over.

Rhymeberry is a subunit of an idol group called usa☆usa Shoujo Club. I can see this unit becoming the BABYMETAL of usa☆usa Shoujo Club, where the sub-unit will create more buzz just based on the fact that they’re doing something different and bending the idol genre. There really isn’t too much information on Rhymeberry besides them being a subunit and that they released their first single on July 11th this year. They don’t even have their own website, only a twitter account! It’s so underground! All you idol hipsters should be listening to this group!

What Rhymeberry has is some catchy, old-school rap tunes and the instrumentals have the throwback rap feel to them. This group reminds me of 80’s rap. THEY ARE THE BEASTIE BOYS OF THE IDOL GENRE.

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