Song of the Week: AKB48 – Nage KISSU de uchi otose!

With the massive amount of team theater songs, I found it a daunting task to try learn/remember every song that I came across. So in a means to constantly be exposed to new material while keep it all organized, we’ve started the AKB Song of the Week. Every Monday, one of us will post a Theater Song and give you some crucial background information about it. We’ll talk about why we like it, either musically or visually and if possible give some alternatives. So this week I give you…

Song: Nage KISSU de uchi otose! (Knock Him Out With a Blown Kiss!)
Discography: (Pre-Shuffle) Team A, Stage 3
Original Performers: Maeda Atsuko (Red), Itano Tomomi (Yellow), Hirajima Natsumi (Yellow with Hat), Minegishi Minami (Green), Masuyama Kayano (Green with Hat), Narita Risa (Pink)

Performance Notes:
Location: Team A Stage 3 DVD
Original Unit: Yes

This was a song that I grasped on to early on when finding out about AKB48. Maeda Atsuko was the center of my AKB Universe and the only members I could instantly recognize. So of course I sought out most anything with her in the center. It wasn’t until I saw this performed that I began to branch out to other members. The only thing was it wasn’t the original performance that did it. It was a shuffled performance which featured Tomomi Kasai as the center with Oshima Yuko, Ono Erena, Kobayashi Kana, Hayano Kaoru, and Oku Manami as the supporting cast. I always remembered that performance as the one which I instantly found a new handful of members to follow because I became familiar with the song as a center for Maeda Atsuko. Here is that performance. I still think it’s the better performance version.

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